Turkey we are coming

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SEMIC is excited to announce an upcoming visit to Turkey. This journey marks a significant step in our commitment to strengthening our presence in the global market and fostering valuable relationships with our partners in the region.


Our trip to Turkey will encompass a series of planned engagements aimed at enhancing our business ties, understanding the local market dynamics, and exploring new opportunities for growth and collaboration.


We view Turkey as a strategic location with a growing market for electronic components, and we are enthusiastic about the prospects of contributing to its tech-sector evolution. Our team is fully prepared to engage in meaningful conversations and lay the groundwork for mutually beneficial ventures.


As we prepare for this trip, we would like to extend our gratitude to our Turkish partners and colleagues for their continued support. We look forward to furthering our cooperation and discovering new avenues for growth together.


Stay tuned for updates on our journey and the accomplishments we hope to achieve during our time in Turkey. We are confident that this visit will be a milestone in our company's expansion and a testament to our dedication to connecting global electronics markets with high-quality components and unmatched service.